The Hour Of My Departure

The hour of my departure
I may not know,
But Christ in love hath taught me
To watch while here below;
My lamp to keep bright burning
With oil divine,
That at the Lord’s appearing,
My soul with grace may shine.

The hour of my departure
My Savior knows,
And in his love confiding,
I dwell in sweet repose.

The hour of my departure
I’ll keep in view,
And strive, while here I linger,
Some precious work to do;
Some service for the Master,
Or cross to bear,
That I a crown unfading,
And robe of white may wear. [Refrain]

The hour of my departure
May soon be here;
To me the thought is joyful,
And yonder light is clear;
I see the sunlit mountains
Where I shall stand,
I hear the songs enchanting
Of yon celestial band. [Refrain]