The Jordan Is Rolling

The Jordan is rolling between me and home;
I stand on the margin; the summons has come;
My Joshua leads me thro’ death’s darkest wave;
His hand is unerring, and mighty to save.

Mighty to save, mighty to save;
The Lord is my Leader, and mighty to save.

The world is behind me; life’s trials are o’er;
Lo! heav’n is appearing; I see the blest shore;
Bright angels are beaming their welcome to me,
And God, my Redeemer, in glory I see. [Refrain]

O Saviour, be near me; keep hold of my hand;
The waters, tho’ surging, will own Thy command;
My fears have all vanished; death’s terrors are gone;
I walk thro’ the river and up to the throne. [Refrain]