The Leaves Around Me Falling

The leaves, around me falling,
Are preaching of decay;
The hollow winds are calling,
Come, pilgrim, come away!
The day, in night declining,
Says I must, too decline;
The year, its life resigning,–
Its lot foreshadows mine.

The light my path surrounding,
The loves to which I cling,
The hopes within me bounding,
The joys that round me wing,–
All melt, like stars of even
Before the morning’s ray,–
Pass upward into heaven,
And chide at my delay.

The friends, gone there before me,
Are calling from on high;
And joyous angels o’er me
Tempt sweetly to the sky;
Why wait, they say, and wither
‘Mid scenes of death and sin?
Oh, rise to glory, hither,
And find true life begin.