The Lord Has Need Of Workers Budd

The Lord has need of workers to till His vineyard wide;
Afar His call is sounding now, why idle still abide?
Go, join the host who serve Him-their patient labors share,
Proclaiming His salvation to all men ev’rywhere.

To all men, to all men
Tell out the joy and gladness that all the world may share,
The word the Lord hath spoken, O hasten to declare,
Of perfect, free salvation, to all men ev’rywhere.

The souls of men are famished, they hunger to be fed,
Will you not break, for Jesus’ sake to them the living bread?
Go, in His strength and shun not His counsels to declare
With all its hope and warning to all men ev’rywhere.

To souls in bondage groaning and longing to be free;
Christ bids you speak His message sweet of life and liberty;
To hearts with sorrow breaking, the news He bids you bear
Of tender consolation to all men ev’rywhere.