The Lord Hath Helped Me Hitherto-1

THE Lord hath helped me hitherto,
By His surpassing favor;
His mercies ev’ry morn were new,
His kindness did not waver.
God hitherto hath been my guide,
Hath pleasures hitherto supplied,
And hitherto hath helped me.

I praise and thank Thee, Lord, my God,
For Thine abundant blessing,
Which heretofore Thou hast bestowed
And I am still possessing.
Inscribe this on my memory:
The Lord hath done great things for me,
And graciously hath helped me.

Help me in future, God of grace,
Help me on each occasion,
Help me in each and ev’ry place,
Help me through Jesus’ passion;
Help me in life and death, O God,
Help me through Jesus’ dying blood,
Help me as Thou hast helped me!