The Lord The God Of Israel Be Blest Bec

The Lord, the God of Israel,
Be blest because that he
Hath now his people visited,
And them redeemed free.
And us a horn of safety rais’d
In’s servant David’s house.
As by his holy prophet’s mouth
He spoken hath to us.

Which had been since the world began,
That from our enemies
We should be sav’d, and from the hand
Of all our foes likewise.
To grant thy mercy promis’d to
Our fathers, and by name,
To mind his holy covenant,
His oath to Abraham.

That us from fear and foes hand freed.
To serve him he would give.
In holiness and righteousness
Before him while we live.
Thou child, the prophet of the high’st
Shalt called be also:
For, to prepare his way thou shalt
Before the Lord’s face go.

By pardon of his peope’s sins
To make salvation clear.
Whence day-spring visits us from high,
Through our God’s mercies dear.
Light to impart unto such as
In darkness do reside,
And in the shades of death: our feet
In way of peace to guide.