The Lord The God Of Israel Be Greatly Bl

The LORD, the GOD of Israel
be greatly bless’d! for He
Hath now his people visited,
redeem’d, and made them free.
Who our salvation’s’ mighty Horn,
foretold in ancient days,
Out of his servant David’s house,
hath now been pleas’d to raise.

According to his promises
proclaim’d by holy men,
Who ever since the world began
by Him inspir’d have been.
That we from all our enemies
by Him may saved be;
And from the cruel hands of all
who hate us may be free.

to grant the mercy promised
our fathers; and to mind
His holy covenant, His oath
to Abraham his friend.
That us from fear and foes hand freed,
to serve Him He would give;
In holiness and righteousness,
before Him, while we live.

And with his prophets, THE MOST HIGH,
dear Child, will number thee;
Before the LORD, to clear the way,
thou shalt employed be.
The doctrines of salvation thou
shalt make his people know:
And how He will forgive their sins
thou shalt them clearly show.

Thro’ tender mercies of our GOD;
whereby the springing day
Begins to rise and visit us,
and chase the night away.
To light those who in darkness sit,
and in death’s shade reside;
And in the way to endless peace
our foot-steps safely guide.