The Lord The Only God Is Great And Hopk

The LORD, the only GOD is great,
And therefore greatly to be prais’d;
In Sion, on whose happy Mount
His everlasting Throne is rais’d.
For Sion is the chosen Place,
Where he unveils his glorious Face.

Her Tow’rs, the Joy of all the Earth,
In strong and beauteous Order rise;
On her North Side th’ Almighty King’s
Superb imperial City lies;
Combining Pow’rs attempt in vain,
Her massy Bulwarks to obtain.

God in her Palaces is known:
His awful Presence is her Guard:
Confed’rate Kings withdrew their Siege,
And of Success at once despair’d.
Nor could their Armies o’er prevail,
Should they with all their Force assail.

They view’d her Walls, admit’d and fled,
With Sorrow and Terror struck;
Like Women, whom the sudden Pangs
Of hasty Travail had o’ertook.
Thou by the East Wind shalt destroy,
The Ships that would her Forts annoy.

In Sion we have seen perform’d
A Work that was to us foretold;
In Pledge that GOD for Times to come,
His Holy City will uphold:
We on thy loving Kindness stay’d,
Which in thy Temple is display’d.

According to thy Sov’reign Name,
Thy Praise. O LORD! thro’ Earth extends;
Thy pow’rful Arm, as Justice guides,
Chastises Mankind or defends:
Thy Hand, almighty Pow’r shall show,
And Men thy Righteousness shall know.

Let Sion’s Mount with Joy resound,
And let her Daughters all be taught,
In Songs his Judgments to extoll,
Who this great Deliv’rance wrought,
Your Eyes around her Bulwarks cast,
And see if any Stone’s displac’d.

Count all her Tow’rs, her Forts survey
Observe their Strength and Order well,
That with Assurance to your Heirs,
This Wonder you may justly tell;
This GOD, while we in him confide;
Thro’ Life, till Death, shall be our Guide.