The Lord To Me A Shepherd Is

The Lord to me a shepherd is,
Want therefore shall not I,
He in the folds of tender grass
Doth make me down to lie;
He leads me to the waters till.
Restore my soul doth he;
In paths of righteousness he will
For his name sake lead me.

In valley of death’s shade although
I walk, I’ll fear none ill:
For thou with me, thy rod also
Thy staff me comfort will.
Thou hast ‘fore me a table spread
In presence of my foes:
Thou dost anoint with oil mine head,
My cup it overflows.

Goodness and mercy my days all
Shall surely follow me:
And in the Lord’s house dwell I shall
So long as days shall be.

The Psalm, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs of the Old and New-Testament,