The Lord To Peter Gave

The Lord to Peter gave
Before He left the earth,
The keys to open wide the door
That leads to heavenly birth.

The Holy Spirit came
On Pentecostal day,
And gave by inspiration’s tongue
The true and living way.

How Christ the Lord of love,
By wicked hands was slain,
And overcame His enemies
By rising up again.

With pierced hearts they cry,
“Ye men, what shall we do?”
The answer comes, ’tis mercy’s voice,
As Peter tells them true.

Repent and be baptized,
If promise you would claim,
Remitted, then, your sins shall be,
In Jesus’ holy name.

Come, sinners, one and all,
These terms to you are given;
No other way on earth is known
For this is bound in Heaven.