The Lord To Thee Appealeth

The Lord to thee appealeth
To be His servant true;
And if thou wilt, He sealeth
His covenant anew.
Then do thou clasp His willing hand,
Which He to thee revealeth
From yonder happy land.

The rod and staff it wieldeth,
How comforting in need!
From perils sore it shieldeth
Thy trembling soul indeed;
At last it rends the azure sky,
The earth thy body yieldeth
To join thy soul on high.

The crown of life is given
To thee who faithful art,
Who earnestly hast striven
To serve with trusting heart.
God moveth thee thy voice to raise,
And sendeth thee from heaven
Sweet tunes, His name to praise.

With voices sweetly ringing,
We therefore bless His hand,
To Christ our tribute bringing
With heaven’s joyful band.
He is the Victor in the strife;
His praises ever singing,
We pass thro’ death to life.