The Lord To Thy Request Attend

The LORD to thy Request attend,
And always hear thee in Distress;
The Name of Jacob’s GOD defend,
And ever grant thy Arms success!

To aid thee from on high repair,
And timely Help from Sion give;
Remember all thy Off’rings there,
And still thy Sacrifice receive.

To compass thy own Heart’s Desire,
May GOD thy Counsels still direct!
May kindly all Events conspire,
To bring them to a good Effect!

To thy Salvation, LORD, for Aid,
With Hope we chearfully repair;
With Banners in thy Name display’d,
“The Lord of Hosts accept thy Pray’r.”

Our Hopes are fix’d, that now the LORD,
Our gracious Sov’reign will defend;
From Heav’n, resistless Strength afford,
And to his humble Pray’r attend.

Some trust in Steeds for War design’d,
And some on Chariots will rely;
Against them all, we’ll call to mind,
The mighty Pow’r of GOD most high.

But from their Steeds and Chariots thrown,
Behold them scatter’d o’er the Plain;
Disorder’d, broke, and trampled down,
Whilst firm our conqu’ring Troops remain.

Still save us, LORD, and still proceed,
To give our rightful Cause Success!
Hear, King of Heav’n! in Times of Need,
The Pray’rs we to thy Throne address.