The Lord Unto His Christ Has Said In Glo

The Lord unto His Christ hath said,
I glory I enthrone Thee
Till all Thy foes in triumph led,
Their sov’reign King shall own Thee;
From Zion shall Jehovah send
Thy scepter, till before Thee bend
The knees of proud rebellion.

Thy people will be gladly Thine
When Thou shalt come victorious,
In holy beauty Thou shalt shine,
Like morning fair and glorious;
The word of God shall not depart:
The king of Righteousness Thou art,
A Royal Priest forever.

The Lord at Thy right hand shall smite
Earth’s kings in indignation,
And He shall judge with sovereign right
Throughout His wide creation;
While living streams His strength sustain,
The Christ the victory shall gain,
Head over all exalted.

The Psalter: with responsive readings,