The Lord Will Build His Church Again

The Lord will build his church again,
And in his holy temple reign,
And let his waiting people see,
Her increase and prosperity.

Tho’ Zion’s walls are broken down,
The Lord still claims her as his own;
Not all the pow’rs of hell below
Can cause her final overthrow.

Should God appear to hide his face,
As if he would withdraw his grace;
Yet he beholds with pitying eye,
And hears his people when they cry.

God will return to their relief,
Remove their sorrows and their grief:
They who his precious absence mourn,
Shall be rejoic’d at his return.

They who are griev’d when they behold
The church, declining, dead and cold:
Shall find, that God will still revive
His work, to keep his church alive.

His wisdom and his providence,
Will ever prove her sure defence;
His promis’d aid, his promis’d pow’r
Will guard his church for evermore.

Remember us, O gracious Lord,
Who wait thy promises and word:
O cause thy gospel light to shine,
That many thousands may be thine.