The Love Of Christ Fills All My Heart

The love of Christ fills all my heart,
His presence cheers my soul;
One touch from Him great joy imparts
That seems beyond control.
One word from Him, who made the worlds,
Brings perfect rest and calm;
The voice of Jesus to my soul
Is honey, wine, and balm.

Above the brightness of the sun
My Lord appears to me;
At noonday bright, or darkest night,
His light is all I see.
His hand of pow’r makes burdens light,
The mountains disappear;
This gladdest, holiest, richest life
Is mine since Christ is near.

One look from Christ can melt the stone
And make the sinner weep;
His reconciling kiss doth heal,
The heart with joy doth leap.
His spirit pours the wine and oil
Into the troubled breast,
And from that hour the Spirit’s pow’r
Imparts the “second rest.”

In mansions bright, on streets of gold,
I soon shall find my place;
But brighter, sweeter, grander far
Will beam my Savior’s face.
Soon I shall see Him as He is,
In my eternal home,
And I shall know as I am known,
And hear His loving “Come.”

Lord Jesus, come, O quickly come;
How can we longer wait!
The days are full, the time at hand,
Thou must be at the gate.
Our hearts’ desire-the Lord’s return,
Shall soon accomplished be;
And quick and dead, like Christ their Head,
Shall Him in glory see.