The Love Of God Flows Deep And Wide

The love of God flows deep and wide
Thro’ Christ who bled for us and died;
Its widening stretch we cannot see,
It reaches far beyond the sea.

Oh love, oh, love, oh, love of God so free;
He proved His love for you and me
Upon dark Calvary.

Tho’ men have gone in sin so deep
That hell would blush and angels weep,
Yet, God so loved each guilty one
He gave for them His only Son. [Refrain]

The heart that is so hard in sin
That this great love can never win,
Is truly fit for nothing less
Than endless hell and wretchedness. [Refrain]

But tho’ your sins be black and deep,
And awful darkness ’round you creep,
Yet, God so loves your guilty soul,
He’ll save you from all hell’s control. [Refrain]