The Sea Is Wildly Tossing

The sea is wildly tossing,
And often clothed with gloom,
On which we’re swiftly crossing
To our eternal home.

Over the sea, over the sea,
Gracious Saviour, pilot me;
Over the sea, over the sea,
Spirit kind, my guardian be;
Over the sea, wherever I roam,
Father above, Oh, bring me home,
Under the bright celestial dome.

We’ve many a foe to conquer,
And many a storm to face,
Ere we in heaven may anchor,
And sing redeeming grace. [Refrain]

Though nature in commotion
Defy our power and skill,
Our Jesus rules the ocean,
And bids the winds be still. [Refrain]

Sail on then, comrades, boldly,
And make God’s word your chart;
Do every duty nobly,
With joyful, trusting heart. [Refrain]

We’ll float the gospel banner,
And guard it with our life,
And shout at last, “Hosanna,”
Victorious in the strife. [Refrain]