The Sea Of Life Rolls

The sea of life rolls gently on, and peacefully we glide,
By heav’nly breezes borne along, across its bosom wide;
While from the distant harbor fair, where friends our coming wait,
The light of home with radiance pure shines thro’ the open gate.

O light of home, shine out, shine out,
Across the silv’ry sea!
The trackless deep we’ll safely ride:
Our eyes are fixed on Thee.

The winds may rise, the billows roll, no storm can overwhelm;
For Jesus is our Pilot true, His hand is on the helm.
He knows each dang’rous rock and shoal that in our way may lie,
And ever toward the homeland dear, guides with unerring eye. [Refrain]

Then joyfully we onward glide, while rising sweet and clear,
Glad sounds of home across the wave fall on the list’ning ear.
They hail us from the blissful shore, a shining white-robed throng,
Where soon with anchor safely cast, we’ll join the triumph song. [Refrain]