The Service Of Our King

The service of our King is a joy beyond compare;
No task will He assign that He does not share.
In pleasant ways He leads where the cooling waters flow,
And blessedness awaits where He bids us go.

O let us love Him, follow Him,
And try His will to do;
In ev’ry time of sore distress
His love will see us through.
His strong right arm with us uphold,
What then have to we fear?
Redeemer, Savior, sov’reign Prince,
Stay Thou forever near.

Where duty calls He leads, and the way is never long;
He gives us grace and strength and a glad new song.
His cheering voice is heard o’er the tumult and the strife:-
“I am the Truth, the Way” unto endless life. [Refrain]

Tho’ days are full of trouble, and nights are long and drear,
When dangers crowd around He is always near.
His eye is over all; no good thing will He withhold,
Nor has His mighty love ever yet been told. [Refrain]