The Ship Of The King Is Sailing

The ship of the King is sailing
From earth to the heavenly land;
It steadily cuts through the billows,
Controlled by His masterly hand.

Adrift over life’s dark ocean
Are wrecks of the proud and forlorn
Who, scorning the compass and pilot,
Were put by the billows to scorn.

But safely through shoals and shallows,
Through storms and the billow’s wild roar,
The ship of the King presses onward
To heaven’s the sun lighted shore.

And foremost among His heroes
Is standing the King of all kings,
His features are bright as the sunlight,
His voice with great tenderness rings.

He views the ship-wrecked with sadness,
And calling to east and to west,
He gathers them into the life-boat,
As many as long for His rest.

And quickly the ship is filling
With precious souls on it way,
And soon we shall run into harbor
And into the sun-lighted day.