The Signal Lights Are Burning Burning Br

The signal lights are burning, burning bright,
For all upon the pilgrim’s way;
Keep waiting, waiting, watching for the light,
And never from the Saviour stray.

Then watch the signal lights,
God’s holy word still points the way,
Oh, watch the signal lights,
And never from the Saviour stray.

The red lights say “of danger now beware,”
Guard well your tho’ts while passing on your way;
Ne’er venture where you may not with a prayer,
There’s danger there, yes, danger there. [Refrain]

The bright, the white light ever keep in view,
The pure, the blest, the Saviour’s signal light;
Protect, and ne’er reject it, ’tis for you,
To guide you safely to heaven bright. [Refrain]