The Silent Moon Is Risen

The silent moon is risen,
The golden star-fires glisten
In heaven serene and bright;
The forest sleeps in shadow,
And slowly off the meadow
A mist si curling, silver-white.

The veil of night is closing
Around a world reposing
In calm and holy trust;
It seems like one still chamber,
Where weary hearts remember
No more the sorrows of the dust.

Behold the full moon beaming!
So round and fair ’tis gleaming,
Yet half is hid from sight.
So, oft on earth, deceive us
Things that now seem so grievous,
Because the half is veiled in night

We, poor, frail mortals, groping,
Half fearing and half hoping,
In darkness seek our way;
Our airy cobwebs spinning
With erring and with sinning,
Far from the mark we stray.

Thy saving health, O grant us,
Lord, that we ne’er may vaunt us
In vain and fleeting show;
But child-like and confiding,
Follow Thy gentle guiding,
And in Thy paths with gladness go.

When death comes to release us
With kindly hand, and frees us
Ere life’s a weary load;
Then, when earth’s ties we sever,
Take us to Thee forever,
Thou kind, Thou true, Thou gracious God!

The night’s cool breath is creeping;
Brothers, in God’s good keeping
Your weary eyelids close.
His grace from ill defend us,
And peaceful slumber send us,
And soothe our poor sick neighbor’s woes!