The Sinner That By Precious Faith

The Sinner that by precious Faith,
Has felt his Sins forgiv’n,
Is, from that Moment, pass’d from Death,
And seal’d an Heir of Heav’n.

Tho’ thousand Snares enclose his Feet,
Not one shall hold him fast;
Whatever Dangers he may meet,
He shall get safe at last.

Not as the world the Saviour given,
He is no fickle Friend.
Whom once he Loves, he never leaves;
But loves him to the End.

The Spirit that would this Truth withstand,
Would pull God’s Temple down,
Wrest Jesu’s Sceptre from his Hand,
And spoil him of his Crown.

Satan might then full Vict’ry boast
The Church might wholly fall;
If one Believer may be lost,
It follows, so may all.

But Christ in ev’ry Age has prov’d
His Purchase firm and true,
If this Foundation be remov’d,
What shall the Righteous do?

Brethren by this your Claim abide,
This Title to your Bliss;
Whatever Loss you bear beside,
Oh, never give up this.