The Son Of God Has Died For Thee

The Son of God has died for thee
On Calv’ry’s cruel tree,
Salvation may be thine today,
Then turn Him not way.

Oh, turn from sin and let Him in-
Redeemer, Lord and King;
His death for thee on Calv’ry’s tree,
Will full salvation bring.

He bids thee turn from all thy sin
And let Him enter in,
Confess thy failures one by one
And ev’ry evil shun. [Refrain]

‘Tis all He says, ’tis all He pleads,
‘Twill meet a sinner’s needs,
Thy sin confess salvation take,
Iniquity forsake. [Refrain]

Be not afraid, but trust Him now,
And in repentance bow;
He took thy place and died for thee,
And made salvation free. [Refrain]