The Son Of Man Hath Come To Thee

The Son of man hath come to thee,
Has burst thy bonds and set thee free,
There’s safety in His blood alone;
Just look to God, keep pressing on.

Keep pressing on, keep pressing on,
Hold on to Him with all thy might;
Keep pressing on, keep pressing on,
You’re safe while walking in the light.

The evil works with all his pow’r
To cast us down our souls devour,
But when we look to God alone,
He’ll keep us safe and lead us on. [Refrain]

Keep trav’ling on the upward road;
Just cast on Him your ev’ry load,
Now is the time, O do prepare
To meet your Saviour in the air. [Refrain]

He’ll lift you up and make you stand,
And shout His praise here in this land;
Yes, wheresoe’er you may be found,
Shout out His praise the world around. [Refrain]