The Son Of Man Is Passing By

The Son of man is passing by
Let no one fail to greet him;
Forsake all petty, baser things,
Go forth today to meet him.

He’s passing today, he’s passing this way,
Let no one fail to see him!
The sinner who calls whom sin now appalls,
Will find God’s love can free him.

The light divine illumes his way,
The darkness flees before him;
Your path he’ll make with glory bright,
Go forth, accept, adore him. [Refrain]

God’s truth is ringing in your ears,
Why hold it in derision?
While Christ is near, his voice you hear,
Make now the great decision. [Refrain]

Your soul is not your own, but his,
With his own blood he bought you;
Why rob your God, who thro’ the years
With love divine has sought you? [Refrain]