The Soul Within Me Longs For Rest

The soul within me longs for rest,
And sighs for Heaven’s home;
Then shall I spurn the blest request,
And still in darkness roam?

Remember thou who spurn the light,
To walk in Satan’s wiles,
The shadowy road to deepest night,
Is paved with after-whiles.

Each one may to his Savior go,
Obedience is the sum;
Christ says in accents sweet and low,
“Whoever will may come.” [Refrain]

My soul in conflict with my will,
Is whispering, “Be true”;
My earthly man retorts Be still,
Some other time will do. [Refrain]

Oh, why not enter now the fold,
The Gospel trumpet warns;
That you might wear a crown of gold,
Christ wore a crown of thorns. [Refrain]