The Spirit Is Softly Calling

The Spirit is softly calling,
His warning now obey;
He pleads with thy heart O sinner,
Then grieve him not away.

O say yes, to the Spirit,
O say yes, to the Spirit,
He lovingly still is pleading,
Then answer while here we bow,
O, say yes, to the Spirit,
O, say yes, to the Spirit,
I can, I will, I do believe,
That Jesus saves me now,
That Jesus saves me now.

The Spirit is softly pleading,
The angels chide thy stay;
There’s mercy for thee and pardon,
Then why not come today. [Refrain]

Remember the world is fleeting,
Thy life is waning fast,
The shadows of night draw nearer,
This hour may be thy last. [Refrain]

Surrender thy all to Jesus,
His life for thee he gave;
Accept him as thy Redeemer,
None else thy soul can save. [Refrain]