The Spirit Once Came To An Innocent Chil

The Spirit once came to an innocent child
And plead in the tend’rest tone:
“Dear little one, let me come into thy heart,
And make it forever my own.”
“Sweet Spirit,” he cried, “please go away;
For childhood is only for fun and play;
Some other day, some other day;
When I am older, I’ll bid Thee stay.”

The Spirit came back to the tall, fair youth,
With a loving and tender plea;
“The harvest is ready, there’s work to be done,
Arise, God is calling for thee.”
“O Spirit,” he cried, “leave me, I pray,
The pleasures of earth hold me in sway;
Some other day, some other day:
Then, Holy Spirit, I’ll bid Thee stay.”

The Spirit plead thus with the toil-wearied man:
“Make haste while God’s grace shall last.
The silver is tinging thy locks of brown,
Thy years now are slipping by fast.”
“O Spirit,” he cried, “I should obey,
But I am too busy and tired to pray;
Some other day, some other day;
When I have time I will bid Thee stay.”

The old man now leans on his trembling staff
With a quavering bitter sigh:
“I’ve wasted a life-time in sin,” he cried,
“And now I am going to die:
The Spirit, long slighted, has flown away;
No hope, no God, I cannot pray;
No other day, no other day;
The Holy Spirit has gone to stay.”