The Spirit Pleads Again With You

The Spirit pleads again with you,
Why will you still in darkness roam?
That Jesus may your soul renew,
O wayward one, come home, come home.

Come home today, be saved from sin,
Let Jesus make you pure within;
Don’t risk your soul, no longer roam,
Give God your heart come home, come home.

The Spirit pleads, O sinner hear,
And have your burden rolled away;
Oh, love and trust the Savior dear
Who waits to pardon you today. [Refrain]

The Spirit pleads, don’t wait too long
Lest you at last, may cry “too late!”
Come, join today the pilgrim throng
While open wide is mercy’s gate. [Refrain]

Life’s day is passing swiftly by,
Soon you will see the twilight’s gleam;
For pardon now to Jesus cry,
O wayward one, come home, come home. [Refrain]