The Standard Of The Lord Among His Peopl

The standard of the Lord, among His people
He will set, and their sons they’ll bring to see;
Their daughters shall be carried on their shoulders;
“They shall not be ashamed who wait for me.”

Be joyful then, O Earth, and sing ye heavens!
Break ye forth, O ye mountains, into song!
Be comforted my people, saith Jehovah;
There is One to redeem whose arm is strong.

The people shall be led in ways of wisdom;
They shall know that the God of Jacob reigns,
Behold Him with thine eyes-the King of beauty;
Hear His voice in the valleys and the plains. [Refrain]

All names shall be engraven, of redeemed ones,
On the palms of His hands, He waiteth long.
They’re coming, hear the songs of every nation!
Hear the isles of the sea take up the song. [Refrain]