The Still Waters Flow

The still waters flow where He leadeth me,
By streams of His grace I abide;
From fear of the foe I am now wholly free,
And rest, sweetly rest by His side.
Tho’ toil may be mine, and a load to bear,
His rod and His staff are my stay;
Tho’ clouds shade my pathway, yet why should I care,
Since He leadeth me all the way.

My Shepherd is He, when I wake or sleep,
He leadeth my soul in the way;
No foe can assail, for a watch He doth keep;
he guards me by night and by day.

The word of the Lord is a pasture green,
A rich and unfailing supply;
Each need of my soul by the Shepherd is seen;
No want doth He ever deny.
Yes, tho’ I should walk in the deep, dark vale,
I’ll know ne’er a doubt nor a fear;
And tho’ ev’ry friend and companion should fail,
I know that my Saviour is near. [Refrain]

My Shepherd restoreth my weary soul,
Revives when I faint by the way;
He bindeth my wounds and He maketh me whole;
I shall from His side never stray.
No grief is so dark as to hide His face,
No pain but He helps me to bear;
Each step of the way He supplies me with grace,
And lifts from my heart ev’ry care. [Refrain]