The Storm Is High But At The Helm

The storm is high, but at the helm,
My Lord is in command;
No swelling sea nor tempest fierce,
Can pluck me from His hand.

The anchor holds, O praise the Lord!
‘Tis fast within the vail;
‘Tis steadfast, sure, as God’s own word,
The storms cannot prevail.

The winds and waves obey the will
Of Him, who died for me;
Why should I, then, their tumult fear,
Or dread the raging sea? [Refrain]

Though darkness dread is on the deep,
He knows the way I take,
And so in peace I’ll lay me down,
For with Him I shall wake. [Refrain]

The sun in splendor o’er the sea
Shall shine at God’s command;
The clouds shall pass, the waves grow still,
Beneath my Saviour’s hand. [Refrain]