The Story Oft Weve Heard But Still It Ne

The story oft we’ve heard,
But still it ne’er grows old,
How God’s own precious Son,
An heir to joy untold,
Once laid aside His crown,
And came to earth below,
To save me from my lost estate,
Because He loved me so.

He loved me so, He loved me so,
I’ll tell where’er I go;
Heav’n’s royal King became my friend,
Because He loved me so.

A royal gift was He,
The King from heaven’s throne,
And great the price He paid,
Thus to redeem His own;
“‘Tis finished,” this He cried,
With weary head bent low,
Then how can I myself withhold
From His who loved me so. [Refrain]

My all to Him I’ll give,
My best, my dearest friend,
Unworthy tho’ I be,
I’ll serve Him to the end;
I’ll gladly follow on,
Where’er He bids me go,
No sacrifice can e’er repay
My Lord who loved me so. [Refrain]