The Stroke Of God For My Sins Fell

The stroke of God for my sins fell
On younder calvary,
Where Jesus, in the gates of hell,
Ws hung intead of me.

Chorus: Oh, I’ll go there till the stars are falling,
I’ll go there till the tunders roll,
I’ll go there till the trump is calling,
Where but there could I trust my soul?

The wrath of God was spent on Him
Who there upon the Tree
The cup of death full to the brim
Drained dry instead of me. [Chorus]

My sins He took upon HIs soul,
And on the Cross He paid
Wiht broken, bleeding heart the whole
Of judgment on Him laid. [Chorus]

Where judgement fires already burned,
The Lamb for sinners slain,
The broken law’s demand is turned,
They cannot burn again. [Chorus]

The Cross will stand when heavens flee,
And earth rells to and fro,
There till that Day of God I see,
Poor sinner I will go. [Chorus]