The Summer Is Coming The Honeybees Hummi

The summer is coming, the honeybees humming,
And seeking the blossoms they love;
Each morning discloses a new wealth of roses,
Green branches are bending above.

Praise God in the highest!
O praise Him today!
O praise Him today!
O praise Him today!
With flow’rs of affection He’s strewing our way,
O praise Him, O praise Him today.

The jubilant season brings many a reason,
For praising our Father on high;
The meek lilies growing, His goodness are showing,
Love smiles from the sunny blue sky. [Refrain]

Oh, hear us, our Father, as gladly we gather,
WE thank Thee again for Thy care;
‘Tis thro’ the dear Savior we ask for Thy favor,
That in Thy rich grace we may share. [Refrain]