The Summers Heat The Winters Cold

The summer’s heat, the winter’s cold,
The changes of the year,
Have quickly come, have quickly gone,
Our festal day is here
With songs our hearts to cheer.

Singing and praising
Thy blessed name,
Lead us, oh, lead us
Through all the way,
And now, oh Father! be
Thou ever our strength and stay!

From many homes by varied paths,
Thro’ joy, perhaps thro’ pain,
Our noble cause we come to aid,
Its precepts to sustain,
Increasing zeal to gain. [Refrain]

The past, the past, what doth it know?
What record doth it bear
Of evil shunn’d, of god performed,
Of tender, thoughtful care,
Each other’s toil to share? [Refrain]

And if the future shall reclaim
Some loved ones now astray,
Thro’ truths impress’d this hour, oh, then,
Our hearts shall gladly say:
All hail this festal day. [Refrain]