The Sun Clearshining After Showers

The sun clear-shining after showers
May his own image view,
Reflected from a thousand flowers
In countless drops of dew.

If then a freshening breeze up-springs,
Above, around, beneath,
Like heavenward incense on its wings,
Their mingled odours breathe.

So! where the Sun of righteousness
His cheering radiance sheds,
Where gracious rains have fall’n to bless
The Church’s garden-beds.

Christ’s ransom’d tribes before him stand,
With His own glory bright;
Plants of his heavenly Father’s hand
And children of the light.

Then should the spirit from above
A gale of Eden’s blow,
As from a Paradise of love,
How sweet their spices flow!

To-day, while thousands meet as one
In many a holy place,
May He who is of all the Sun,
In each his image trace.

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