The Sunday School Army Is Marching Anony

The Sunday-school army is marching along,
With banners unfurled and with chorus and song;
Our hearts are so happy, so light and so free,
We’re coming, dear Savior, to glorify thee.

All glory to Jesus, come, wait at the cross,
While serving the Savior we’ll suffer no loss;
His yoke is so easy, his burden so light,
We’ll boldly go forward, he’ll lead us aright.

The journey grows shorter, our leader is true,
All glory to Jesus, our home is in view;
By faith we’ll go onward, and hope for a crown,
In yonder bright country of wondrous renown. [Refrain]

Dear scholars and teachers, we’ll sing our glad lay,
And follow the Savior in wisdom’s blest way;
Of faith, hope and charity, labor and love,
From conflict and sorrow to glory above. [Refrain]