The Sunday School Army Is Marching Ulmer

The Sunday-school army is marching along,
A band of young soldiers, undaunted and strong;
Jehovah our banner, salvation our song;
Our watchword the dear name of Jesus.

When the name of the blessed Redeemer we hear,
‘Tis as sweet as sweet music to listening ear;
Our standard lift higher, our banner we’ll wave
In honor of Jesus the mighty to save.

We’ve entered the service tho’ youthful in years,
The veterans we follow as true volunteers;
The watchword so precious till shouting with cheers,
Uplifting the standard of Jesus. [Refrain]

The ranks are increasing, still stronger they grow,
All over the world the glad tidings shall go;
Till nations in darkness the watchword shall know,
And trust in the dear name of Jesus. [Refrain]