The Sunday School Lighthouse Shines Out

The Sunday School Lighthouse, shines out on life’s wave,
It beams for all nations, their children to save;
Thro’ Calvary’s cross and thro’ Bethlehem’s cave
The light shines from glory with power to save.

Sunday School Lighthouse,
Sunday School Lighthouse,
Send out thy gleam o’er the wave;
Sunday School Lighthouse,
Sunday School Lighthouse,
Oh, help us the children to save.

The channels are narrow, sin’s breakers are there,
Life’s ocean is strewed with the wrecks of despair;
Then build up, my brother, no time for delay,
The Sunday School Lighthouse, and save them today. [Refrain]

The workers are needed, the teachers are few,
The Master, my brother, depends upon you;
Don’t wait for some wasted life wrecked on the shoals,
The Sunday School Lighthouse must save lives and souls. [Refrain]

Where Unbelief’s waves roll and storms are most fierce,
The Sunday School Lighthouse that dark gloom must pierce;
‘Tis the gleam of that Star which at Bethlehem shone,
The Sunday School Lighthouse will light the way home. [Refrain]