The Sweetest Song My Heart Eer Sung

The sweetest song my heart e’er sung
Was one about my Lord;-
Of pardon free He gave to me,
When I believed His word.

O hallelujah! Jesus saves;
His blood avails for me.
O hallelujah! praise the Lord;
He sets His people free.

The hallelujahs, of that hour
Have never passed away,
For Christ abides, whate’er betides;
My soul’s aglow today. [Refrain]

No harps on willow branches hang,
But all in tune for God;
My bounding soul, while ages roll,
Will shout His praise abroad. [Refrain]

No Babylonian rivers now
Flow by me when I weep;
For tears of joy, without allow,
Are mine while Christ doth keep. [Refrain]

Tho’ trials come, and troubles too,
Temptations press severe,
My Jesus is a conqueror,
And tells me not to fear. [Refrain]

And still the carol of my soul,
From early morn till night,
Is, “whosoever will may come,”
“And walk with me in white.” [Refrain]