The Tempest Broods Over The Billows

The tempest broods over the billows,
The storm banner’s folds are unfurled,
And shadows of night are descending
In gloom on a slumbering world;
Far out on the perilous ocean
There’s many a frail craft afloat;
Let us haste, ere too late for the rescue,
Up! comrades, and launch the life-boat.

Launch away! Launch away!
Tho’ loudly the mad surges roar.
Launch away! Launch away!
And fearlessly bend to the oar.
Hark! borne on the wings of the tempest,
There comes a wild, pitiful note:
‘Tis the death wail of perishing dear ones,
Up! comrades, and launch the life-boat, the life-boat.

Alas! for the frail barks that wander,
And aimlessly drift out to sea;
Alas! for the white sails that sparkle,
And idly dance on as in glee;
The thunders that herald destruction
Peal forth with a threatening note,
As the swift pinioned fate is arising,
Up! comrades, and launch the life-boat. [Chorus]

Away, gallant hearts, to your stations,
Tho’ storms rage and wild billows foam;
For soon our great Captain is coming
To gather His mariners home.
Toil on, while the tempest is beating,
Stand firm, while a spar is afloat,
Or a weak voice for rescue is calling,
Up! comrades, and launch the life-boat. [Chorus]