The Tempest Was Raging On Blue Galilee

The tempest was raging on blue Galilee,
And high rose the waves of the Palestine sea,
Yet Jesus was sleeping as sweet as a child,
Not heeding the winds or the waters so wild.

The billows of sea or of sorrow,
Sweetly obey His will,
And stormy seas of trial,
List to His “Peace, be still!”

He woke from His slumbers and spake to the storm,
And, lo! on the waters there fell a great calm;
The waves of the deep seemed to whisper, “‘Tis He,”
As safely the vessel passed over the sea. [Chorus]

O safe is the vessel when Jesus is there,
And sure is the voyage, if stormy or fair;
There’s naught that can harm us when He whispers “Peace;”
He speaks to the winds and the wild tempests cease. [Chorus]