The Thought That Keeps Me Oer Lifes Road

The tho’t that keeps me o’er life’s road
Is “I belong to Jesus;”
And lighter grows for me the load,
Since I belong to Jesus.

He sought me, He bought me, on Calv’ry’s cruel tree,
His life-blood a ransom He freely shed for me;
My talent, my service, my life and daily song,
To Christ my loving Saviour shall ever belong.

I’ve nothing for myself to claim,
Yet I belong to Jesus;
All glory to His precious name,
For I belong to Jesus. [Refrain]

No moment of my time is mine,
Since I belong to Jesus;
He helps me with His pow’r divine,
Since I belong to Jesus. [Refrain]

This tho’t is mine while I shall live,
That I belong to Jesus;
No other can such gladness give,
That I belong to Jesus. [Refrain]