The Tidal Wave Is Coming Salvation Full

“The tidal wave is coming, salvation full and free,
With shout and song it sweeps along like billows of the sea;
The jubilee of holiness will ring thro’ earth and sky,
The dawn of grace draws on apace, ’tis coming by and by.

Coming by and by, Coming by and by,
A better day is dawning soon, He’s coming by and by;
We’ll wait that glorious moment when from out the op’ning sky,
Our Lord shall come to take us home-He’s coming by and by.

“We’re waiting, Lord, and longing, till Thou shalt come again,
To claim Thine own, and on Thy throne, in peace and love to reign;
We’ll wait that glorious coming till from out the op’ning sky
Our Lord shall come to take us home, He’s coming by and by. [Chorus]

There’s cleansing offered freely to all who come today,
And trusting in the promises, will walk the narrow way;
For perfect peace in Him is found, and joys which ne’er shall die,
And when He comes we’ll reign with Him, He’s coming by and by. [Chorus]