The Tide Of Jesus Mighty Love

The tide of Jesus’ mighty love,
Is at its flood tonight;
Beneath, around us and above,
Behold it at its height.

O shipwrecked sailor out at sea,
Behold heav’n’s beacon light,
And on the floodtide of God’s love,
Come safely into night.

Come in, come in, trust thou thy bark,
To waves that God controls;
Steer t’ward His beacon thro’ the dark,
The port of pardoned souls. [Refrain]

O haste to catch the fav’ring wind,
Turn thou thy bark t’ward shore;
And leave the dang’rous deep behind
Forever, evermore. [Refrain]

Make haste, O soul before the tide
Sets out again to sea;
Let Christ across the waters wide,
Tonight thy pilot be. [Refrain]