The Time Draws Nigh When You And I

The time draws nigh when you and I
Are to be separated;
But this doth grieve our hearts to leave
Each other to be parted;
But let us see eternity,
And meet the saints with joy,
Our sighings o’er we’ll part no more,
But reign, with Christ, in glory.

When christians join, it is most fine
For to adore their Savior;
High they can raise their songs of praise,
And follow him for ever;
But when they part it grieves their heart,
They here are so united:
They fain would be in company
Always, they’re so delighted.

Well, brethren dear, don’t let us fear,
We soon shall live together;
When Christ descends to call his friends
We then shall meet each other.
Then to sit down, around the throne
With saints and lovely Jesus,
Eternal love, we’ll sing above,
And nothing then will grieve us.

The Lamb appears to wipe our tears,
And to complete our glory;
Then shall we rest with all the blest,
And tell the lovely story;
To sit and tell, “Christ loved us well,
And that while we were sinners.”
Heaven will ring, while saints do sing,
“Glory to the Redeemer.”

Hymns and Spiritual Songs for the use of Christians,