The Time Is Short Sinners Beware

The time is short!–sinners, beware!
Nor trifle time away;
The word of great salvation hear,
While yet ’tis called to-day.

The time is short!–O sinners, now
To Christ the Lord submit;
To mercy’s golden scepter bow,
And fall at Jesus’ feet.

The time is short!–ye saints, rejoice,
The Lord will quickly come:
Soon shall you hear the Saviour’s voice,
To call you to your home.

The time is short!–it swiftly flies–
The hour is just at hand,
When we shall mount above the skies,
And reach the wished-for land.

The time is short!–the moment near,
When we shall dwell above;
And be for ever happy there,
With Jesus, whom we love.