The Trespass Of The Wicked Man So Plain

The trespass of the wicked man
so plain and open lies;
My heart concludes, the fear of GOD
is not before his eyes.
For in his own deceitful view
self-flatteries abound;
Till his iniquity breaks out,
and odious is found.

The words that issue from his mouth,
are vain and guileful too;
He quite hath ceased to be wise,
and any good to do.
Yea, when he lies upon his bed,
he mischief meditates;
He set himself in no good way,
nor any evil hates.

[ Part]

Thy mercy O JEHOVAH is
within the heav’ns on high;
Thy faithfulness does also reach
above the cloudy sky.
Like mountains great thy righteousness!
thy judgments a great deep!
Both man and beast,Thou kindly LORD
dost condescend to keep.

O GOD, thy loving-kindness is
of wondrous excellence:
Therefore in shadow of thy wings,
men’s sons put confidence.
Ev’n of the fatness of thy house,
they to the full shall take;
And of the stream of thy delights,
to drink Thou wilt them make.

Because the flowing spring of life,
ever abides in thee;
And in thy light, the light of grace
and glory we shall see.
O stretch thy loving-kindness forth
to all who Thee do know;
And to all those of upright heart
thy righteousness still show.

I suffer not the foot of pride
to make approach to me;
Nor by the hand of wicked men
let me removed be.
Lo, There they all are fallen down,
who work iniquities;
Down are they cast, and never shall
be able to arise.